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Triton Systems LLC

Address: 17000 El Camino Real
Suite 210A
             Houston, TX 77058

Email:  Desk1Triton@aol.com

Phone: (281) 286-3680 

Career Opportunities

Advancing and refining the Stellar-J design requires alloying the contributions of several traditional aerospace disciplines into new blends.   Structures, aerodynamics, propulsion, control systems and thermal designs and analyses need to accommodate both aircraft and rocket operational needs:


                      - subsonic aircraft cruise flight;

                      - horizontal take off and landing;

                      - rocket hypersonic flight;

                      - propellant handling;

                      - ascent and re-entry;

                      - upper stage separation;

                      - reusable and expendable elements;

                      - payload integration; 

                      - marketing and customer relations;

                      - mission planning.


We are looking for specialists  and integrators who both recognize these challenges and are intrigued to seek design solutions in a pioneering environment, working with partners from other fields and project backgrounds.

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Triton Systems LLC

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