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Triton Systems LLC
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STELLAR-J :  Why the Name?


"Stellar-J" evokes both winged flight and  passage to distant stars. While the large bluebird known as Steller's jay ranges over the Pacific coast and northwest, the winged Stellar-J reusable launch vehicle will provide access to space from conventional airfields aiming at low earth satellite deployment and new services not previously contemplated by the research and small commercial satellite community.

Origins and Objectives

Triton Systems derives its name from Neptuneís, large icy satellite.  In 1989, prior to the Voyager's Neptune flyby, Wes Kelly, one of the company's founders, wrote a letter to Science magazine predicting volcanic activity on this large icy moon, later describing details in technical papers.  Voyager did in fact discover nitrogen geysers on Tritonís surface.  Though generally the phenomenon is attributed to subsurface greenhouse capture of weak solar energy, Kellyís prediction was based on the dynamics of Tritonís orbit about Neptune.  At roughly the distance of the Earth's moon, Triton orbits  the oblate, rapidly spinning Neptune at an inclination of 160o to the planet's equator generating internal energy and stresses.  

Connecting the companyís name to solar system exploration,  scientific and engineering analysis serves to remind  of  its overall mission objectives:

                                     Innovation and Excellence in

                                     Aerospace Engineering,

                                     Design and...

                                     Scientific Investigation.


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