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Stellar-J Value Proposition

The Triton Systems Stellar-J offers the best solution

to industry’s need for economical and frequent access to space:




Immediate: Stellar-J addresses the immediate small satellite backlog due to costly infrequent launch opportunities.


2.Reliability: Current proven technology- winged flight vehicle, rocket engines, and conventional propellants


3.Low Cost: Operates from airfield runways, repeated use.


4.Flexibility: Canister approach to upper stages, modules allows wide array of missions, extended launch windows, and rapid re-flight turn-around.


5.Speed to Market: Offers reusable launch benefits at lowest development cost and shortest time.

Stellar-J presents itself as a favorable investment opportunity based on the dedication and experience of our management team, the strengths of our partnerships, the viability of our concept, our realistic first-to-market solution, and the ability to generate revenue streams from current and future sources, resulting in a solid return on investment.



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